June 2015 Program

Tue., Jun. 2, 2015  at 1:30 PM  “Rose Propagation” by David Schupp.

Amador Senior Center, 229 New York Ranch Road, Jackson CA.


Dave Schupp
David Schupp

Do you want to learn how to propagate, or make your own roses from cuttings?  Mother Lode Rose Society member David Schupp will demonstrate how.  David has successfully propagated many roses from cuttings and we’re looking forward to learning his secrets.  David will walk us through the steps including:  age of the cutting, leaves, cutting and wounding, use of rooting hormones, moisture, light and season/timing.

David’s dive into growing roses started only three years ago when the state decided to close Preston Youth Authority. You ask “Huh?” David worked at Preston for 25 years, and during his daily rounds of the campus he encountered many roses that he kept watered. Worried that these roses would be lost once the grounds closed, he made it his goal to ensure their beauty would survive. As Preston neared closure David started propagating the roses and replanting the new ones at home. He had attended a class at the “Old City Cemetery” in Sacramento where he learned a great deal about propagating. He ended up propagating over 250 new plants! Many of these new plants David donated to Mule Creek State Prison, Preston Castle, numerous friends and co-workers. The few roses left at Preston Youth Authority are around the fountain inside and are the ones that he replanted himself.

David, a self proclaimed rose-aholic, with the philosophy that “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again, has over 80 propagated roses in his own garden, with a total of over 130 rose plants on his property. He is always on the look-out for additional roses to propagate. If you see him on your property with a bucket of water and clippers, looking at your roses, just leave him alone, he’s harmless.

David’s new interest has moved to old garden roses, hence the numerous trips to old cemeteries and wanderings around old towns and houses. Future propagated roses on the rise!!!