Companion Plants

Thank you to our March speaker Charlotte Owendyk for this list of companion plants for roses.


Alyssium – reseeds, easy to pull out.

Charlotte Owendyk
Charlotte Owendyk

Eventually all white; get seed or plant for color

Anagallis – great small ground cover

Angelina Sedum – vigorous, chartreuse, easy to tear out

Aromatic Aster – interesting flower

Astromeria, Dwarf – trim back to get rebloom.

Calibrachoa hybrids – subject to damping off

Catnip, Walker’s Low – gets 2 feet in diameter. Need to cutback in winter

Clematis – viticella (type 3- cut back to ground) can handle heat and blooms on new growth

Columbine – cutback when gets ratty in the summer

Coreopsis – vigorous and reseeds

Cushion Crysthanamum – Cut back if gets too tall in mid summer.

Daffodils – used mixture that lasts over 4 weeks. Need to trim up foliage

Daylily – limited use—can get big

Diasia – like especially in front of bed. Sometimes overwinters.

Feverfew – chartreuse – reseeds, cutback periodically or pull out

Foxglove – falls over, plant can get big

Fringe Flower – neat summer annual

Gladiolas – weeds, tendency to fall over. Put in back of roses

Hardy Geranium – various types. Some vigorous, some neat.

Iris – Needs to be thinned each year

Lamb’s Ear – vigorous –

Latris – tendency to fall over

Lavender – do not grow under roses prefer more sun and less water.

Lobelia – Leguna variety can handle our heat

Miniature rose – blooms all summer

Nicotina – reseeds. Spotted plants throughout garden – cutback when too large or floppy

Pansies – easy to tear out when done (early summer)

Salvia Midnight – trim back to get rebloom, neat

Salvia Vitoria Blue – annual and spiky so use in flower beds with miniatures

Santa Barbara Daisy – too vigorous – put in area that is dry to restrain

Scabosia (pincushion) – use blue dwarf, gets powdery mildew, still have some

Silene – variegated is better since not as vigorous

Tansy – Reseeds, easy to pull out after spring bloom

Verbena, Purple – lowest and neatest growing of verbenas,

Veronica Speedwell – blue and pink are small and good for in front of roses

Yarrow – very vigorous, reseeds. Moved where gets limited water

Yarrow, Dwarf – groundcover in front of roses; blooms summer and occasionally after.