John Deere 7810 Specs, Price & Review 2022

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John Deere 7810 Specs, Horsepower, Width, Oil Capacity, Price & Review

A 2WD/4WD row-crop tractor from the 7010 series is the John Deere 7810. From 1997 until 2003, John Deere produced this tractor in Waterloo, Iowa, in the United States.

The JD 7810 has four different transmission choices and an 8.1 L six-cylinder diesel engine.

The John Deere PowerTech engine was utilized in the JD 7810 row-crop tractor. It has a six-cylinder, turbocharged, aftercooled engine that measures 8.1 L, 8,128 cm2, (496.0 cu in), with cylinder bore and stroke measurements of 116.0 mm (4.57 in) and 129.0 mm (5.08 in) respectively. 16.5:1 is the compression ratio rating.

The output power of this engine was 177.5 PS (130.5 kW; 175.0 HP) at 2,100 rpm and the torque was 785.0 Nm (80 kgm, 578.5 ft-lb) at 1,400 rpm.

The fuel tanks on the John Deere 7810 are 270.6 liters (71.5 US gal; 59.5 Imp. gal) for the ROPS version and 344.4 liters (91.0 US gal; 75.8 Imp. gal) for the Cab version.

It also has power steering and hydraulic wet disc brakes.

John Deere 7810

John Deere 7810 Price

Original Price: $80,000 (1999)

John Deere 7810 Hp

175 hp 130.5 kW

John Deere 7810 Width

114.4 inches 290 cm

John Deere 7810 Oil Capacity

25 qts 23.7 L

John Deere 7810 Serial Numbers

1997: 1001
1998: 10001
1999: 20001
2000: 30001
2001: 50001
2002: 70001
2003: 80001

John Deere 7810 Specs


Engine Model John Deere 6081T
Engine Type 4-Stroke, 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel
Number of Cylinders 6, In-line
Displacement, cu in (L) 496 (8.10)
Engine Bore, in (mm) 4.56 (116.0)
Engine Stroke, in (mm) 5.06 (129.0)
Aspiration Turbocharged
Rated Engine Power, hp (kW) 175.0 (130.5)
Rated Engine Speed, rpm 2100
Operating Speed Range, rpm 1400-2100
Idle Speed Range, rpm 800-2325
Maximum Torque, Nm (ft-lbs) 785 (579)
Torque Speed, rpm 1400
Compression 16.5:1
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Fuel System Direct injection
Injection Pump Type Rotary
Lubrication Full pressure
Air Cleaner Dual paper elements
Fuel Tank Capacity, gal (L) 71.5 (270.0)
Oil Capacity, qts (L) 25.0 (24.0)
Coolant Capacity, qts (L) 27.5 (26.0)
Electrical System Rating, Volts 12
Charging System Alternator
Alternator Rating, Amps 140


PTO Operational Type Independent
PTO Horsepower, hp (kW) 150.0 (112.0)
PTO Clutch Type Hydraulic wet discs
PTO Speed, rpm 540/1000
Rear PTO / Engine Speed, rpm 540/2100
Rear PTO / Engine Speed, rpm 1000/2100


Transmission Type PowrQuad
Gearbox Type 16F/16R, partial powershift
Number of Forwarding Gears 16
Number of Reverse Gears 16
Clutch Type Wet Disc
Oil Capacity (2WD), qts (L) 91.6 (86.7)
Oil Capacity (4WD), qts (L) 103.6 (98.0)
Maximum Forward Speed, mph (kph) 17.9 (28.8)
Maximum Reverse Speed, mph (kph) 18.6 (29.9)


Transmission Type AutoQuad
Gearbox Type 20F/20R, planetary gears
Number of Forwarding Gears 20
Number of Reverse Gears 20
Clutch Type Wet Disc
Oil Capacity (2WD), qts (L) 91.6 (86.7)
Oil Capacity (4WD), qts (L) 103.6 (98.0)
Maximum Forward Speed, mph (kph) 23.6 (38.0)
Maximum Reverse Speed, mph (kph) 23.6 (38.0)


Transmission Type PowerShift
Gearbox Type 19F/7R, full power shift
Number of Forwarding Gears 19
Number of Reverse Gears 7
Clutch Type Wet Disc
Oil Capacity (2WD), qts (L) 96.0 (90.9)
Oil Capacity (4WD), qts (L) 108.0 (102.2)
Maximum Forward Speed, mph (kph) 23.4 (37.7)
Maximum Reverse Speed, mph (kph) 9.8 (15.8)


Drive Wheels 2WD/4WD
Steering Configuration Front Steer
Steering System Hydrostatic power
Brakes Type Hydraulic wet disc
Front Tire Size (2WD) 11.0×16
Rear Tire Size (2WD) 18.4R38
Front Tire Size (4WD) 14.9R28
Rear Tire Size (4WD) 18.4R38


Hydraulic System Type Closed center, pressure/flow compensated
Hydraulic Pump Type 9-Piston, variable displacement axial
Implement Pump Flow, gpm (Lpm) 26.0 (98.4)
Hydraulic Pressure, bar (psi) 200 (2900)
Number of Standard Remote Valves 2/5
3-Point Hitch Category 2/3N
Standard Lift Capacity at lift pin (2/3N), lb (kg) 3500 (7725)
Standard Lift Capacity at lift pin (3N), lb (kg) 4050 (8925)
Optional Lift Capacity at lift pin, lb (kg) 4560 (10050)


Wheelbase (2WD), in (mm) 114.4 (2900)
Wheelbase (4WD), in (mm) 110.2 (2790)
Length, in (mm) 187 (4740)
Height, in (mm) 118.5 (3000)
Overall Width, in (mm) 110 (2790)
Weight (2WD), lb (kg) 12350 (5600)
Weight (4WD), lb (kg) 14140 (6415)

John Deere 7810 Review

John Deere 7810 Problems


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John Deere 7810 FAQ

How many horsepower is a 7810 John Deere?

175 hp 130.5 kW

What year is John Deere 7810?


What engine is in a 7810?

6.6l engine

How tall is a JD 7810?

118.5 inches 300 cm

What Horse Power is a Ford 7810?

90 hp 67.1 kW

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