Kubota RTV X900 Specs, Prices & Overview ❤️️

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Kubota RTV X900 Specs, Hp, Weight, Prices & Overview

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Kubota RTV X900 price,spece

About Kubota RTV X900

The Kubota RTV-X900 from Kubota has a lot of power, capability, and style that can’t be hidden.

This is the comfortable, powerful full-size pickup that gets the job done, whether you’re feeding livestock in the grasslands or lugging half a ton of stuff around a construction.

This is Kubota’s most popular model because it is comfortable and can be used in many different ways. You can choose to get the Kubota RTV-X900 in either Kubota Orange or Realtree AP Camo.

Kubota RTV X900 Price 

Kubota RTV x900 Original Price is $14,999.00

Kubota RTV X900 Weight 

Kubota RTV-X900 weight is 1907 lbs.

Kubota RTV-x900 Oil Capacity

Kubota RTV-X900 Oil Capacity is 7.9 (30).

Kubota RTV x900 Tires Size

Kubota RTV x900 Tires Size is 25×10.00-12.

Kubota RTV X900 Features

  • This Kubota model is the most popular for all kinds of jobs because it is comfortable and can do many different things.
  • It has a strong 21.6 HP diesel engine, a unique variable hydro transmission (VHT-X), and 4-wheel drive as standard.
  • Front and back two-inch hitch receivers let you pull up to 590 kg of gear.
  • With 60:40 split bench seats, digital gauges, a glove box, and storage spaces under the seats.
  • You have the control you need to navigate any terrain thanks to the responsive hydrostatic power steering.

Kubota RTV X900 Specs

Max. traveling speed mph (km/h)


Weight lbs. (kg)

Towing capacity lbs. (kg)

Payload capacity lbs. (kg)

Fuel tank capacity U.S. gals (L)

Sound rating at operators ear dB. (A)

Front guard design

Simple, center only | Center and bumper

Alloy wheel

Alloy wheel (not available with Turf tire)

Hydraulic bed lift

Spray-on Bed Liner



3-cylinders, 4-cycle, diesel, OHV

Displacement cu. in (cc)

Horsepower HP (kW)/rpm

Cooling system


4WD System

Front differential

Limited-slip differential

Rear differential

Foot-operated differential lock


Front / Rear

Parking brake

Rear wheel, hand operated


Front Suspension

Independent, Dual A-arms with adjustable spring preload

Front suspension travel in. (mm)

Rear Suspension

Independent with coil-over shock

Rear suspension travel in. (mm)

Occupant Protective System

Tubular overhead structure in. (mm)

Seat belts


SAE J2194 and OSHA 1928 ROPS


Length in. (mm)

120.3 (3055) | 122.5 (3110)

Width in. (mm)

Height, overall in. (mm)

Front tread centers in. (mm)

Rear tread centers in. (mm)

Wheelbase in. (mm)

Turning radius ft. (m)

Ground clearance

Front in. (mm)

Under foot platform in. (mm)

Cargo bed

Width x Length x Depth in. (mm)

57.7 (1465) x 40.5 (1030) x 11.2 (285)

Bed height (unloaded) in. (mm)

Tires Front and Rear

Kubota RTV x900 Problems

Any RTV, whether it’s brand new or used, can have problems. Sometimes these problems are caused by flaws in the machine or its parts. Other times, they are caused by poor maintenance or easy fixes.

The most typical issues with the Kubota RTV x900 are given here, along with some broad recommendations for how to typically resolve them.

Kubota RTV X900 Review Video 


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Kubota RTV X900 FAQ 

How much does a Kubota X900 weight?

ANS: Kubota X900 weight is 1,907 lbs.

What is the towing capacity of a Kubota RTV x900?

ANS: Kubota RTV x900 towing capacity is 1300 lbs.

What engine is in Kubota RTV X900?

ANS: A 21.6 HP Kubota D902 3-cylinder diesel engine, a unique Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT-X), and standard 4-Wheel Drive are all included in our new general-purpose RTV-X900. When and where you require power.

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