Little Rose Show

At monthly meetings when roses are in bloom, a “Little Rose Show” is held.  This is an opportunity to share our roses with others.  This also is an opportunity to learn more about the fun of exhibiting roses, and prepare for the Annual Rose Festival.
Bring your cut roses in a clear glass bottle.  Entry tags are available at the meeting.  If you don’t know the name of the rose, bring it –  perhaps someone can  identify it for you.
The Little Rose Show will kick off in 2017 as soon as roses in bloom.  The schedule sometimes varies with special classes each month – see typical schedule below – though generally members are encouraged to bring whatever they have blooming.  The more roses, the merrier!

The Rose Hip June 2016Bring your specimen in a clear glass bottle, plan to have your rose (s) in place before 1:30 PM

Add an entry tag, written in pencil – if possible, Conceal your name by folding the tag properly.
A Judge will  be on hand to Judge and Critique afterwards, (Very beneficial).
When there are more roses,  we will add a monthly Challenge Class.