Awards 2016 Rose Festival

Our Annual Rose Festival and Show held Sep., 24 – 25, 2016 was a huge success.  Scroll down for list of awards in Horticulture, Arrangement, Photography and Art Divisions.



Best in Show            – 3 of Kind Sprays, Julia Child by Beverly Rose Hopper

Queen of Show – Moonstone by Dorothy Wall

King of Show – Pink Promise by Beverly Rose Hopper

Princess of Show – Asso di Cuori by Beverly Rose Hopper

Hybrid Tea Court – Joann Edwards by Beverly Rose Hopper, Over the Moon by Beverly Rose Hopper, Barbra Streisand by Dorothy Wall, Signature by Dorothy Wall, Gemini by Dorothy Wall.

Hybrid Tea Spray – Heart of Gold by Rosemary Sawyer

Best Open Bloom – Crimson Bouquet by Beverly Rose Hopper

Floribunda 1 Bloom – Sparkle & Shine by Beverly Rose Hopper

Floribunda Spray – Sparkle & Shine by Beverly Rose Hopper

Large Single – Dainty Bess by Rosemary Sawyer

Climber – Purple Splash by Beverly Rose Hopper

Classic Shrub – Linda Campbell by Dorothy Wall

Modern Shrub – Morey’s Pink by Debra Kinnick

Polyantha – My Wildest Dream by Rosemary Sawyer

Dowager Queen – Green Rose by Rosemary Sawyer

Victorian – Soul de St. Anns by Steve Jones

Miniature Queen – Alisheba by Steve Jones

Miniature King – Bees Knees by Beverly Rose Hopper

Miniature Princess – Magic Show by Beverly Rose Hopper

Miniature Court – Pierrine by Beverly Rose Hopper, Baby Grand by Barbara Fletcher

Decorative Miniature – Marriotta by Steve Jones

Miniature Spray –Sweet Chariot by Rosemary Sawyer

Single Miniature – Dorothea Rose by Steve Jones

Fully Open Mini – Salute by Steve Jones

Miniflora Queen – Buttercream by Beverly Rose Hopper

Miniflora King – Tammy Clemons by Beverly Rose Hopper

Miniflora Princess – Foolish Pleasure by Dorothy Wall

Miniflora Court – Dr Troy Garrett by Beverly Rose Hopper, Memphis Music by Beverly Rose Hopper, Dr John Dickman by Beverly Rose Hopper, Show Stopper by Rosemary Sawyer.

Miniflora Spray – Louisville Lady by Steve Jones

Miniflora Single – not awarded

Miniflora Open Bloom – Show Stopper by Rosemary Sawyer

Seedling –unknown seedling by Steve Jones

Best Novice – Perle d’Or by Michael Daugherty

Miniature English Box – Child’s Play by Beverly Rose Hopper

Miniature Rose in Bowl – Irresistible by Katherine Dexter

Miniflora Rose in Bowl – Memphis Music by Rosemary Sawyer

Mini Cycle of Bloom – not awarded

Trailing Rose – Gourmet Pheasant by Dorothy Wall

Large Rose in Bowl – Gemini by Beverly Rose Hopper

Cycle of Bloom – Gemini by Beverly Rose Hopper

Large English Box – Julia Child by Beverly Rose Hopper

Rose in Frame – Congratulations by Rosemary Sawyer

3 of Kind 1 Bloom – not awarded

3 of Kind Spray – Julia Child by Beverly Rose Hopper

Rose Bouquet – with multiple varieties by Ellie Longanecker

Rose Festival Theme/Lets Go to the Movies– Barbra Streisand by Dorothy Wall

Most Fragrant (voted by public) – Dee Lish by Steve Jones

Best Judges – Miniature Spray of Ain’t Misbehaving by Dave Coop




Royalty, Bronze Medal – Royal Wedding with St Patrick by Elsina Dean

Artist, Gold Medal – Ghost with Moonstone by Cherry Hoover

Oriental, Silver Medal – On Golden Pond with Neil Diamond by Cherry Hoover

Mini Artist, Mini Silver Medal – Spirit of the West with Joy by Cherry Hoover

Mini Royalty, Mini Gold Medal – Frozen with Magic Show by Cherry Hoover

Earl Parson’s Award Most Creative – Ghost with Moonstone by Cherry Hoover

Best Judge’s – The Phantom of the Opera by Rebecca Shaw




One Bloom – Rosemary Sawyer

One Spray – Rosemary Sawyer

Arrangement – Rosemary Sawyer

Abstract/Impressionism – Nancy Horst Jones

Rose Garden – Rosemary Sawyer

Other Rosy – Leslie Schupp

Best in Photography – Leslie Schupp




Acrylic – Margo Carr

Oil – Patrick Marshall

Watercolor – Carmen Bates

Pastel – not awarded

Other (wall hanging) – Penny Dominici

Best in Art – Patrick Marshall

Congratulations to the winners and Big Rosy Thank You’s to ALL who participated.

It was a beautiful show!